Interested in cruising the West Coast? Do you want to experience the trip of the lifetime with the Pacific breeze in your hair and the sun on your face? If this sounds like a dream, then our Pacific Coast Guided Motorcycle Tour is the ride for you! This 15 day adventure tour kicks off in the beautiful city of Seattle, winding its way down the Pacific Coast stopping in some of the most beautiful sites in the world and finishing the tour in the beautiful seaside town of Redondo Beach. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see everything from the Humpback whales of the Pacific Northwest to the celebrity studded hills of Hollywood.

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DAG 1 Seattle arrival 0.0 mi / 0.0 km

Your tour begins with your arrival in Seattle, Washington with its distinct city skyline featuring the world renown Space Needle and regal Mount Rainier looming in the distance. Check into your hotel and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

DAG 2 Seattle, WA – Lake Quinault, WA 155.0 mi / 248.0 km

Today we embark on our winding Pacific Coast tour starting in the wet and wild city of Seattle. After picking up our bikes at the EagleRider location in Seattle, we'll begin our tour with a different kind of ride-- a ferry ride. Locals and tourists alike pile onto the Edmond's Ferry to take them across the Puget Sound barreling our way to Lake Quinault, with the wind in your hair and the cool smell of salt water, bask in the luxuries of this lake side town.

DAG 3 Lake Quinault, WA – Ocean Shores, WA 160.0 mi / 256.0 km

As we leave Lake Quinault we travel along the crashing waves of the Pacific toward the seaside city of Ocean Shores, Washington. The warm ocean breeze calls out our name like the sirens of history as we head inland passing by Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest before surrendering to the shore once again at today's stop in Ocean Shores.

DAG 4 Ocean Shores, WA – Seaside, OR 131.0 mi / 209.6 km

We circle North Bay as we say farewell to Ocean Shores on our way southward to Seaside, Oregon. We'll spend most of today on the infamous Pacific Highway 101 connecting Washington with its neighboring state, Oregon. This ride is definitely only for those with the spirit if adventure as we wind around the curvy inlets of the western coast spending some time on a two-lane bridge with only treacherous crashing waves below.

DAG 5 Seaside, OR - Newport, OR 109.0 mi / 174.4 km

Beautiful is the only way to describe this day's ride. Ride along the colorful cliffs of the Pacific Coast Highway with the surf to your right and the hills to your left. This is what rider's paradise looks like!

DAG 6 Newport - day at leisure 0.0 mi / 0.0 km

Day at leisure

DAG 7 Newport - Crescent City 231.0 mi / 369.6 km

Today we continue down the coast to the quaint beach town of Crescent City. Named for its half-moon shaped coastline and known for its rocky seaboard, our approach into Crescent City marks our first entrance into The Golden State where we will be spending the remaining portion of our tour. While today's journey will be long, nothing is a chore when you ride alongside the sparkling Pacific coast.

DAG 8 Crescent City - Shelter Cove 172.0 mi / 275.2 km

Awe, respect, and admiration--these are just a few things you will experience today on our ride from the Northern California town of Crescent City through Redwood National Park on our way to Shelter Cove, CA. The Redwood trees native to this part of California are some of the tallest and most massive trees on Earth standing at over 300 feet (9144 cm) tall and some nearly 25 feet (762 cm) wide. Revel in their enormity as we make our way out of the misty fog and continue southward to the quite whale watching community of Shelter Cove.

DAG 9 Shelter Cove - Mendocino 101.0 mi / 161.6 km

If you can wake up early enough before we hit the road for the day, wander out to the rocky coastline with your binoculars to catch a glimpse of the whales native to those parts of the Pacific. Late risers, not to worry, the day's ride will be just as exciting as we make our way south toward Mendocino, California. We'll pass by Fort Bragg with its picturesque coastline, rugged terrain, and sapphire blue waves crashing against us. Finally we'll finish off the day arriving in Mendocino California, a haven for the artistically inclined. Spend the evening walking around the small downtown district dotted with art and music shops, "mom and pop" restaurants, and charming Bed and Breakfasts.

DAG 10 Mendocino - San Francisco 155.0 mi / 248.0 km

Today we head slightly inland on our way to The Golden Gate City of San Francisco, California. The scenery will begin to change as we swap ocean views and the smell of salt water for sprawling orchards and whiffs of wine. Riding into Windsor and Santa Rosa, we will welcome you to the gates of California Wine Country, home to every kinda of wine varietal from Sangiovese to Syrah and Pinot Gris to Pinot Noir. Time permitting, we may get a chance to tour a winery or stop for a tasting before we roll into the bustling metropolis of San Francisco.

DAG 11 San Francisco 0.0 mi / 0.0 km

When you wake up in this beautiful city, you will finally understand why Frank Sinatra left his heart in San Francisco. The City by the Bay boasts more attractions, quaint shops and restaurants, and sites to see than possible to fit in our short stay. Make sure you visit Ghirardelli Square, one of the most popular attractions in SF where street performers will entertain you as you peak your head into small shops and street cafes famous for some of the best seafood dishes in the world. Feel free to hop on one of the street trolleys that are a moving landmark and are the heartbeat of this incredible city!

DAG 12 San Francisco - Monterrey 120.0 mi / 192.0 km

Today we will wave goodbye to the charm of San Francisco and point our bikes south as we ride around the bay toward the mystique of Monterrey. Upon our arrival in this spectacular seaside city, spend the afternoon walking along Cannery Row lined with beautiful hotels, shops and restaurants. Be sure to leave some time to take part in the dozens of attractions around the city including the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Pebble Beach Golf Course and abundance of beach activities. Let your inner child or your inner golf-pro run wild!

DAG 13 Monterrey - Pismo Beach 157.0 mi / 251.2 km

We've said it once and we'll say it again: it's hard to believe that the scenery can become more beautiful, but this is one breathtaking ride! Today we'll follow along the acclaimed Highway 1 forward Pismo Beach California with the mountains on our left and the Pacific Ocean on our right. Soak up the California sun and cruise along with the salty sea breeze against your skin as re ride past Big Sur, California. It is at this point where the Santa Lucia Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean creating one of the most beautiful stretches of California coastline. Today surely promises warm breezes and exquisite sunsets as this destination provides the perfect tranquil setting with its majestic cliffs and soothing surf.

DAG 14 Pismo Beach - Los Angeles 176.0 mi / 281.6 km

Today we say farewell to Pismo Beach and set out sights on Southern California, home of The Beach Boys, Hollywood, some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire country! Lunch today in Santa Barbara, California, referred to by many as the "American Riviera" due to its similar climate and geography to the French and Italian Rivieras. . Chrome has never looked so good as when it rolls into Redondo Beach, California adorned in EagleRider gear. Waving goodbye to Santa Barbara, we cruise the Pacific Coast Highway into Redondo Beach on our last day of riding on this incredible tour. Blend in with locals as we kick off our boots and swap our riding gear for bathing suits. Enjoy the easy livin' and the Redondo Beach lifestyle as we spend our last night together remembering all of the fun we've had along the way.

DAG 15 Los Angeles Departure 0.0 mi / 0.0 km

Before everyone goes their separate ways we'll meet for breakfast and reminisce the incredible memories we've shared over the past two weeks. It's hard to believe that our time together is over, but know that we'll always keep a space open for you on another ride of your dreams!


Priser/datoer i 2016/2017


2016 afgange 

8. juni,
6. juli,
3. og 17. august

2017 afgange 

12. juli,
2. og 16. august 6. september 2017.


2 Personer / 1 MC / 1 dobbeltværelse
2 Personer / 2 MC / 1 dobbeltværelse
1 Person /    1 MC / 1 enkeltværelse

$4,550 Per/Person
$5,964 Per/Person
$8,011 Per/Person

Tillæg MC kasko m/$ 1000 selvrisiko og $ 1000 selvrisiko tyveri: $24 pr. dag
Tillæg MC kasko m/$ 0 selvrisiko og $ 1000 selvrisiko tyveri: $33 pr. dag
Tillæg ansvarsforsikring $300.000 18,95 pr. dag
Tillæg ansvarsforsikring $1.000.000 24.95 pr. dag
Tillæg for Rejsesygeforsikring
Tillæg for flybillet

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Priserne inkluderer:

Professionel turguide
Leje af Harley-Davidson, Indian, Honda, Triumph eller BMW motorcykel efter ønske
Ubegrænset antal kilometer
Evt. envejsleje i.h.t. program
Velkomst- og afskedsmiddage
Morgenmad på dage med kørsel
Hjelm til chauffør og passager
Overnatninger i.h.t. program
Ledsagebil til bagage
Benzin og olie
Entrebilletter til nationalparker
Transfer mellem hotel og udlejningsstation
Eaglerider kørejakke
Parkeringsudgifter ved overnatningshoteller
Læderindbundet turbog
Lokale skatter/afgifter

Prisen inkluderer ikke:
Flybillet til/fra rundrejse
Måltider bortset fra ovennævnte
Transfer lufthavn - hotel - lufthavn

Tillæg MC kasko m/$ 1000 selvrisiko og $ 1000 selvrisiko tyveri: $24 pr. dag
Tillæg MC kasko m/$ 0 selvrisiko og $ 1000 selvrisiko tyveri: $33 pr. dag
Tillæg ansvarsforsikring $300.000 18,95 pr. dag
Tillæg ansvarsforsikring $1.000.000 24.95 pr. dag
Tillæg for Rejsesygeforsikring
Tillæg for flybillet

Kan jeg bestille ekstra hotelovernatninger.
Ja, All-Travel kan bestille ekstra overnatinger, og kan ofte få dem til en lavere pris, end hvad du kan finde online eller ved at kontakte hotellet direkte.

Sørger EagleRider for transport til og fra lufthavn og hotel på min tur?
EagleRider tilbyder gratis transport mellem dit hotel og EagleRider udlejningskontorer i starten og slutningen af din tur, så længe du bruger vores anbefalede hotelpartnere. I mange lufthavne er det desværre kun tilladt for taxaer, samt hotel og biludlejningsfirmaer at tilbyde transport, så vi er ikke i stand til at tilbyde gratis transport til og fra visse lufthavne. Spørg din turspecialist, om transport til og fra lufthavnen er tilgængelige fra den luftnavn, hvor du ankommer.

Behøver jeg at bringe min egen hjelm?
EagleRider inkluderer gratis leje af hjelm til både kører og passager ved alle udlejninger og ture. Disse hjelme er D.O.T. godkendte halv-hjelme. Mange kørere foretrækker at medbringe deres egen hjelm, som de er bekendt med hjemmefra. Der kan desuden købes halv-hjelme, 3/4-hjelme og full-face-hjelme på næsten alle EagleRider udlejningskontorer.

Kan jeg tjekke min e-mail under turen?
Der er gratis wi-fi på værelset eller i lobbyen på de fleste hoteller, vi bruger vi på EagleRider guidede ture. På visse fjerntliggende steder er wi-fi ikke tilgængelig, men dette er sjældent. Hvis du har behov for at kunne gå på nettet, kan vi anbefale vores EagleRider tablet, som gør det muligt at foretaget gratis opkald til dit hjemland og indenfor Nordamerika, samt gratis brug af nettet under turen. Vores EagleRider tablet inderholder desuden underholdning, google maps og et fantastisk kamera. Spørg din turspecialist, hvordan du tilføjer en EagleRider tablet til din reservation.

Hvor mange kilometer kører vi hver dag?
Den daglige gennemsnitlige kørselsdistance på en guidet tur er typisk mellem 320 til 400 km, men der kan være dage på omkring 480 km. Vi stopper dog ofte for at nyde udsigten eller seværdigheder samt sikre, at gruppen er godt udhvilet og bevæger sig i et behageligt tempo. Hvis du er interesseret i at køre i langt tid hver dag, kan vi anbefale en af vores individuelt tilpassede kør-selv-ture, hvor du sammen med en turspecialist kan planlægge en rute, der dækker så mange kilometer om dagen, som du har lyst til.

Er benzin og olie inkluderet på guidede ture?
Ja, benzin og olie til din motorcykel er inkluderet på alle planlagte køredage. Hvis du vælger at køre en tur på en "hviledag" er udgifterne til benzin ikke dækket. Netop fordi benzin er inkluderet, får kunder, der reserverer hos EagleRider, virkelige værdi for pengene.

Hvordan kommer jeg til lufthavnen, når turen er færdig?
EagleRider tilbyder gratis transport til og fra hotellerne på din start- og slutdestination på turen. I de fleste større byer er det kun tilladt for taxaer eller hotellers egne busser at tilbyde transport til og fra lufthavnen.

Får jeg den motorcykel, jeg vælger, hvis jeg reserverer tidligt nok?
Det er yderst sjældent, at en gæst på en EagleRider tur ikke får deres foretrukne model af en motorcykel, men vi beder alligevel alle gæster om at angive et andetvalg. Dit andetvalg bør være et motorcykelmærke og model, som du er sikker på, du ville have ligeså let ved at køre på som dit førstevalg, og som stadig ville give dig en uforglemmelig oplevelse. EagleRider er klar over, hvor vigtigt valget af motorcykel er for vores kørere, og vi gør altid alt for at sikre, at du har din drømmemotorcykel på din drømmetur.

Hvor mange personer er der i en gruppe?
Vores grupper er typisk på omkring 15 motorcykler, men de kan lejlighedsvis være på 16 eller 17 motorcykler, hvis det er en privat gruppe. Vores mål er altid at holde grupperne på mellem 8-15 motorcykler, så alle har mulighed for at lære hinanden at kende samt lære at køre sammen som en sammenhængende gruppe.

Hvordan er hotellerne på en guidet tur?
Indkvarteringen er en meget vigtig del af EagleRider turoplevelsen, og vi bor derfor kun på hoteller, som opfylder EagleRiders høje standard. Vi vælger altid et hotel med den rette blanding af luksus, historie og underholdning og fokuserer på hoteller, der repræsenterer det område vi kører i. Du vil måske komme til at bo på et 4-stjernet hotel i Chicagos centrum den ene aften og sove på et historisk motel på Route 66 den næste aften. Eller du vil måske tilbringe en nat på et stort hotel i Las Vegas og derefter tilbringe den næste nat i en feriehytte uden for Yosemite National Park.

Hvor meget bagage kan jeg medbringe?
Det er vigtigt for os, at hver kører har nok udstyr og tøj med til hele turen, og vi giver derfor hver rytter og passager mulighed for at medbringe én stor kuffert og ét stykke håndbagage. Damerne kan slappe helt af, for vi er meget fleksible med hensyn til denne politik. Du kan derfor sagtens shoppe undervejs og medbringe ekstra tøj til at gå i byen i om aftenen eller hænge ud ved poolen.

Hvilken type forsikring anbefales der?
De fleste deltagere på en EagleRider tur vælger både tyveri og skadesforsikringen og den supplerende ansvarsforsikring, så de har helt fred i sindet, hvis ulykken er ude. Det er altid bedst at spørge din turspecialist om hvilken dækning, de anbefaler, når du bestiller din tur.

Hvad nu hvis mit fly er forsinket, og jeg ikke kan nå frem i tide?
Du behøver ikke bekymre dig, om du måske kommer for sent til din tur eller gruppe på grund af et forsinket fly. Vores lokale team skal nok sørge for, at du kommer med på den tur du har bestilt - uanset hvad tid du ankommer. Din velkomstpakke på turen indeholder telefonnummeret til din turguide samt numre på vores udlejningskontorer. Hvis du ankommer sent, skal du blot ringe til os, og så skal vi nok sørge for, at du kommer til at møde din gruppen enten til velkomstfesten eller i hotellets lobby.

Stilles der krav om et vist niveau af erfaring for at kunne deltage i en guidet tur?
Vi afviser aldrig nogen, fordi han eller hun ikke har nok erfaring. Men for din egen ro og sikkerheds skyld, anbefaler vi, at du har tilstrækkelig erfaring til, at du ikke bliver nervøs eller bange, hvis du skal køre gennem et sving på en motorcykel. Du skal være fortrolig med at køre på en turmotorcykel på motorvej og på landevej gennem bjergpas. Nogle kørere vælger at købe vores særlige udlejningspakke inden turen, så de kan ankomme et par dage før og blive vant til motorcyklen og se byen på samme tid.

Hvilken motorcykel er bedst, hvis jeg kører med en passager?
De fleste passagerer foretrækker den komfort som tilbydes på en Electra Glide, Road King, Heritage Softail, Indian Vintage, Indian Chieftan, Honda Goldwing eller BMW RT, selv om det i sidste ende er et spørgsmål om personlig præference. Du kan se vores EagleRider video "Choosing the Right Motorcycle" (Sådan vælger du den rette motorcykel), hvis du har svært ved at vælge den perfekte motorcykel til din rejse.

Skal jeg betale et depositum for at foretage en reservation?
Ja. Når du foretager reservationen, opkræves der et ikke-refunderbart depositum på 20%. Hvis du er nødt til at afbestille eller udskyde din tur, kan depositummet anvendes til en anden fremtidig tur eller udlejning med EagleRider.

Er der nok mulighed for at stopper og tage billeder på en guidet tur?
Vores EagleRider turguider er eksperter i at aflæse gruppens behov og ønsker, og vil gøre deres bedste for at imødekomme alle ønsker om stop. Vores 20 års erfaring gør, at vi kender de bedste steder at stoppe for at tage billeder, seværdigheder, måltider og alt det andet du drømmer om at gøre på din EagleRider tur. Hvis du har en særlig anmodning, skal du huske at sige det til turguiden om morgenen før gruppen kører af sted, så han kan passe den ind i tidsplanen. Vi forsøger at skabe en meget afslappet atmosfære i gruppen, og alle kørere opfordres derfor også til at vove sig ud på egen hånd i et par timer i løbet af turen. Hvis du vil køre af sted alene, eller i en lille gruppe, en del af dagen, skal vi nok arrangere et mødested eller sørge for, at du har en detaljeret køreplan til hotellet den pågældende dag.

Varierer priserne alt efter motorcykelmodel?
Prisen for turen dækker hver motorcykelmodel som EagleRider tilbyder undtagen vores trike-motorcykler eller specialbyggede motorcykler.

Behøver jeg tage regntøj med?
Vi anbefaler at medbringe et sæt regntøj, men du kan også købe dette, når du ankommer til EagleRiders udlejningskontor.

Skal jeg have et motorcykelkørekort for at deltage i en guidet tur?
Ja, der kræves et gyldig motorcykelkørekort fra dit hjemland for at deltage i en guidet tur eller leje en motorcykel. Du kan dog altid deltage i en guidet tur i en af vores cabriolet'er, hvis du ikke har et gyldig motorcykelkørekort. Spørg os om denne mulighed.

Jeg ejer selv en motorcykel. Kan jeg deltage i en guidet tur på min egen motorcykel?
Ja, du må gerne medbringe din egen motorcykel. Spørg os om prisen for hver enkelt tur.

Skal jeg blive med gruppen hele tiden?
Overhovedet ikke. Hos EagleRider ved vi godt, at alle køreres drømmerejse er forskellig. Nogle elsker at køre med gruppen, mens andre foretrækker at udforske på egen hånd. Hvis du vil køre af sted på egen hånd, eller i en lille gruppe, beder vi dig informere din turguide, så han kan hjælpe dig med at planlægge en rute og aftale et mødested til senere på dagen. Vi elsker at sende vores deltagere ud på egen hånd for at nyde landevejen, som det bedst passer dem.

Kan jeg bytte motorcykler med en anden person i min gruppe?
Ja, I skal i dette tilfælde underskrive hinandens lejekontrakter. Hvis du kommer til at beskadige den anden persons motorcykel, er det dit ansvar at dække skaden.

Hvilken slags tøj skal jeg medbringe?
Du turspecialist vil sende en meget detaljeret pakkeliste med nogle gode ideer til, hvordan du gør klar til din motorcykeltur. Du kan også besøge Facebook-siden for EagleRider motorcykler, og spørge andre kørere, hvad de pakkede, da de tog på den samme tur på samme tid af året.

Hvor gammel skal jeg være for at tage med på en tur?
Du skal være mindst 21 år gammel for at leje en motorcykel fra EagleRider og deltage som kører på en tur. Der er ingen aldersbegrænsning for passagerer, så længe passageren kan sætte fødderne fladt på fodhvilerne.

Vil jeg modtage oplysninger om min tur inden jeg ankommer?
Når du ankommer for at starte turen, vil du få udleveret en håndbog. Du vil også modtage en PDF-udgave af håndbogen via e-mail, så du kan smugkigge i den.

Skal jeg have et visum til USA?
Homeland Security i USA kræver, at pas fra visse lande skal være gyldige i 6 måneder efter afrejsedagen fra hjemlandet. Dette gælder ikke for alle lande, men det er bedre at tjekke dette, inden du rejser.

Har jeg lov til at køre med i varevognen, hvis jeg bliver træt?
Selvom vi vil strække os langt for at imødekomme alle dine behov, er det ikke desto mindre vigtigt, at du gør dig klart, at du er på en motorcykeltur. Varevognen er beregnet til bagage og vil kun i nødstilfælde transportere deltagere, som f.eks. får alvorlige helbredsproblemer, kommer ud for ulykker, eller hvis motorcykel går i stykker osv.

Behøver jeg bære hjelm?
Vi beder alle kørere om at bære hjelm, når de kører med gruppen. Vi kører gennem flere stater, som ikke kræver brug af hjelm. Hvis du vælger at køre for dig selv uden gruppen, kan du selv vælge, om du vil have hjelm på i disse stater. Mens du kører sammen med gruppen, beder vi dig om at bære hjelm.

Hvordan bliver vejret?
Hvis I alle har været flinke, vil vejret også arte sig, men der er ingen garanti. Dette er en faktor på vores ture, som vi ikke er i stand til at påvirke. Du kan generelt regne med, at der midt om sommeren er 90 % chance for, at vejret er tørt og varmt vejr på vores ture. Det vil altid være lidt køligt langs vestkysten, og du kan altid forvente en smule regn på Route 66. Så tag dit regntøj med og et udvalg af tøj, så du er klar til alt slags vejr.

Har alle motorcykler et vindskjold?
De fleste EagleRider udlejningsmotorcykler fås med et vindskjold uden ekstra omkostninger. Visse mindre motorcykelmodeller inkluderer muligvis ikke et vindskjold, så sørg for at spørge din turspecialist.





With your signature on the Tour Confirmation & Credit Card Deposit Agreement Form you accept these Terms and Conditions as a binding contract between EagleRider and yourself, as the Guided Tour Participant. Please read them carefully. EagleRider cannot accept any tour participant without a duly signed Tour Confirmation & Credit Card Deposit Agreement Form on day of motorcycle pick-up.

A $1,000 USD non-refundable booking deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due 65 days prior to the arrival date for the tour. By signing the Credit Card Authorization form you give EagleRider permission to charge your card 65 days prior tour start. If, in case of payment by wire transfer or check, the total balance is not received 65 days before tour start, EagleRider reserves the right to cancel the Guided Tour reservation and charge a cancellation fee.

Every participant in an EagleRider Motorcycle Tour is required to accept and sign a Tour Agreement and Liability Release Waiver before the Guided Tour begins. EagleRider cannot accept a tour participant without these signed forms. Our agents can provide a copy of these forms upon request.

EagleRider agents and travel industry business partners are representing us, and are not a party within this contract, nor are they personally responsible or liable for failure to provide any services as described in our literature pertaining to the contract.

Rental motorcycles are provided as part of the Guided Tour package. Please select one of the current motorcycle models available through EagleRider Motorcycle Rental. Your motorcycle model may vary to fit the type of riding on each Guided Tour. Please keep in mind that colors may vary.

All motorcycle models will have saddlebags for luggage and some may come equipped with luggage racks and passenger backrests as well. EagleRider reserves the right to substitute the motorcycle confirmed to tour participants if the reserved model becomes unavailable. Unfortunately, at times, unexpected and uncontrollable situations arise which may require the substitution of a motorcycle. This includes, but is not limited to, delay in manufacture fleet delivery, mechanical failure, collision damage and theft. Should EagleRider not be able to provide the confirmed motorcycle, a similar or better model will be provided to the client. This constitutes the maximum liability of EagleRider.
At the time of bike pick up, a Credit Card Authorization will be taken in the event that you incur a theft, damage to your motorcycle or traffic violations while on tour. There will be no actual charge to your credit card as the amount will be authorized only and will not show on your monthly credit card statement. Only in the case of damage, theft, or traffic violation will your deposit be charged to your card. Otherwise, the authorization automatically eliminates after 10 days. The amount of the Security Deposit depends on the Theft and Damage Waiver, if any, you choose. Choosing EVIP ZERO-Theft and Damage Waiver will incur a $100 security deposit, EVIP Theft and Damage Waiver will incur a $1,000 security deposit, VIP Theft and Damage Waiver will incur a $2,000 security deposit. Declining a Theft and Damage Waiver will incur a $3,000 security deposit.

EagleRider assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or delay in delivering baggage to tour participants. Baggage insurance is recommended.

Cancellations received more than 60 days prior to departure will be subject to a $1,000 per booked Motorcycle cancellation fee. This Cancellation Fee may be applied to a future tour booking anytime within an eighteen (18) month period following the original Tour start date. Cancellations received less than 60 days prior to departure will be subject to the following forfeit of tour cost:
60 - 31 Day Cancellation Notice 60% of Total Booking Amount
30 or Less Day Cancellation Notice 100% of Total Booking Amount
No Show 100% of Total Booking Amount 
All Cancellation Fees will be charged to the credit card on file.

EagleRider is pleased to offer tour participants the option of booking your pre-tour and post-tour additional hotel
accommodations directly through our Tours Department. All pre-tour and post-tour hotel bookings will be inclusive of hotel tax and daily breakfast. If you cancel additional nights within below mentioned cancellation terms the following fees will apply:
60 - 31 Day Cancellation Notice 60% of Total Booking Amount
30 or Less Day Cancellation Notice 100% of Total Booking Amount
No Show 100% of Total Booking Amount

In the rare event of a tour cancellation, EagleRider will notify all tour participants immediately. EagleRider will either offer the tour as a Self-Drive Tour (bike rental & hotel package) or will offer to operate the tour if all booked customers agree to a supplement charge. If customers do not accept to pay the supplement, EagleRider will refund their payment in full, which will constitute the full settlement. EagleRider is not liable for any additional costs or losses incurred by the tour participant due to EagleRider’s cancellation of tour due to lack of participation. This includes, but is not limited to the cost of pre-paid airline tickets, hotel reservations or automobile rentals. Situations may arise which will make it necessary for us to cancel, advance or postpone a scheduled tour, change itineraries or make substitutions regarding hotels, cities, tour guides and other travel arrangements. In that event, we do not assume responsibility or liability for any resulting losses, expenses or inconvenience. Your full tour price will be refunded if the tour is cancelled prior to scheduled tour start date.
EagleRider recommends that you take out adequate travel, health and accident insurance, as well as trip cancellation insurance.

If the tour participant does not comply with traffic laws or the requirements for group travel, EagleRider may cancel the contract and the rental motorcycle will be secured.

· 21 years of age or older
· Valid motorcycle operator’s license
· Minimum of one year of riding experience on heavyweight motorcycles
· Major credit card is required

EagleRider is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour description. EagleRider carefully selects and inspects our tour service providers such as hotels and restaurants, however, we cannot held liable for any situations that arise while on their premises. EagleRider is responsible for conscientious travel preparations. EagleRider is not responsible or liable for any accidents and cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the operation or the client’s participation in connection with the tour, which might result in injury, death or other damage to the client, his property, or his family, heirs, or assigns. EagleRider is not responsible for any delays or changes in schedule or other or any other conditions that may arise while on tour.

Your Tour Guides are there to assist you while on tour and will do their best to ensure that every participant gets the most out of your EagleRider tour experience. It is extremely important for all riders to listen carefully to the Tour Guide’s safety and travel instructions each morning to help ensure the best possible group riding conditions. Should you desire to travel independent of the group for any length of time, the Tour Guides can assist you in planning a suitable route, however they will not be responsible to assist with any breakdowns, flat tires, or any other roadside assistance need that arises as a result of you riding outside the main group.

Tours operate on a seasonal basis and where seasonal variances and/or weather conditions cause changes in the tour routing and accommodations the itinerary will be adjusted accordingly, with alternate hotels, restaurants and roads being selected.

EagleRider strives to schedule its tours at a time of the year when the weather in the touring area is typically pleasant for motorcycling. Many tours pass through areas where weather conditions can change very rapidly. EagleRider cannot be held liable for unpleasant and unsuitable weather conditions, and no refunds shall be granted for such conditions.

A surcharge may apply at certain locations for bookings during major bike events such as Sturgis, Daytona, Laughlin River Run etc.

Please bring any complaints or suggestions to your Tour Leader’s immediate attention. We sincerely value your feedback and rely on tour participants to help us shape the tour experience for future tours.

All Theft and Damage Waivers and Supplemental Liability Insurance options are subject to the express terms and conditions of the rental contract and do not include coverage for injury, personal property, or damage as the result of negligence such as illegal use or use of rental while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A Police Report is required for all damages or accidents. All damages to rented motorcycle without a police report will be considered to be at the fault of the Renter.

The following table specifies what is included in our tour price:

· Two (2) Professional Tour Leaders
· Support Vehicle for Luggage equipped with Spare Bike
· First Aid Kit, Drinking Water & Additional Tools
· Late Model Harley-Davidson, Honda, BMW, Indian, or Triumph motorcycle (on a request basis)
· 3 and 4-star Motorcycle friendly Hotel Accommodations
· Fuel and oil
· Unlimited Mileage
· EagleRider Custom Riding Jacket
· Welcome Dinner
· Farewell Celebration
· Daily Breakfast
· Leather-Bound Custom Road Book
· Helmets for driver and passenger
· Transportation service between EagleRider location and hotel (restrictions may apply)
· Tours photos uploaded to Facebook
· National Parks entrance fees
· Hotel Parking Fees
· Discounted Activities
· One-Way Fees (if applicable)
· Environmental Recovery Surcharge
· Local Sales taxes
· Preparation and Orientation

The following what is not included in our tour price:

· Optional Theft and Damage Waiver (recommended)
· Supplemental Liability Insurance
· Meals except where specified
· Tour Leader Gratuity
· Airfare
· Anything not listed in “What’s included”

Fares quoted in this brochure are those in effect at time of printing. If cost factors, including but not limited To: hotels, meals, motorcycles, insurance, international currency fluctuations, etc. dictate the need for an increase in fare EagleRider may do so at any time prior to 60 days before departure. A fare increase has never happened, however, should this become the case the Client has the right to receive full refund if so desired.

EagleRider recommends that you take out adequate travel, health and accident insurance as well as Trip Cancellation Insurance. EagleRider currently offers the following Theft and Damage Waivers, as well as Supplemental Liability Insurance.

Transfer between the contracted arrival and departure hotels and the EagleRider locations is included on all Guided Tours. Restrictions may apply at various locations.

If you wish to pick-up your bike at a location other than scheduled by EagleRider a custom pick-up charge may be incurred

If you wish to drop-off your bike at a location other than scheduled by EagleRider a custom drop-off charge may be incurred.

If you change your assigned bike for reasons other than breakdown, malfunction or accident whilst on tour EagleRider will charge a fee of $250 per change.

Every client will receive a full orientation to the motorcycle. The client orientation will cover safe motorcycle operation, the clients’ maintenance responsibilities, as well as some local and state traffic laws.

EagleRider will provide storage for client additional luggage at the pick-up location while on tour. EagleRider is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Fuel and oil costs are included on all Guided Tour riding days. However, EagleRider reserves the right to charge an additional fee if fuel costs significantly exceed the average price per gallon at time of printing.

Motorcycle operators are responsible for checking engine oil levels at each refueling and reporting mechanical problems or concerns immediately. Instructions and procedures for maintenance expense reimbursement are provided at pick-up. Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in motorcycle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.

Road Restriction: Rental motorcycles are not allowed on gravel roads, beaches, “logging” or other nonpublic roads.”Off-roading” is strictly forbidden.Entering into Mexico is only allowed if additional Mexican Insurance is purchased and client has EagleRider’s prior written authorization or is accompanied by an EagleRider Tour Guide. Violation of these restrictions voids all Theft & Damage Waivers, and client will be held liable for damages.

Reservations can be made by:
1. FAX: 
2. TEL: 
3. E-MAIL: 


Payment of $1,000 Tour Deposit can be made by the following credit cards, VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover or Diners Club. Balance payments can also be made by wire transfer. In this case the balance amount must be credited on the EagleRider account 65 days prior tour start.

Balance payments by check must be made to EagleRider Motorcycle Rental and checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank and payable in U.S. dollars. EagleRider must receive check 65 days prior tour start. To insure proper account crediting, please include booking reference number and/or tour operator name.
Mail Checks To:

Attn.: Guided Tour Department 11860 South La Cienega Blvd. Hawthorne, California 90250-3461

ALL wire transfer fees are to be paid by customer.

Company Name: JC Bromac Corp. dba EagleRider
Bank Name: East West Bank
Bank Address: 135 N. Los Robles Ave., Suite 600, Pasadena, CA 91101
Telephone: 909-937-6056
Domestic Routing Number: 322070381
ACH Routing Number: 322070381
Account Number: 8089001328


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